Short film, 11 minutes
Directed by Leonardo Corallini
Written by R. Rubino e L. Corallini
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Photography Gigi Martinucci
Music Enzo Casucci
Editing Alex Ciuffreda
Produced by Massimo Montini

Awarded “Best Short Film” at Calcutta Int. Film Festival 2016


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248 is a visual poem. A lyric bio-pic translating the authentic story of the protagonist, Massimo, into syncopated and evocative images. Any character you see in the film is true: from the mother to the son, ex-wife to the brother, daughter to the best friend, the interior and the exterior of his house, plus the voices and relationship behaviors, everything belongs to Massimo’s real life.
248 is the number of seconds he spends deep beneath the sea without access to oxygen. The act of free diving is a real Massimo’s passion which the authors took as the metaphorical inspiration for the film. In this tale of emotional apnea Massimo looks inside his mind: the shortness of breath and the absence of a project which gives meaning to time, this is what he sees. Perhaps it’s time to take a break. Anxiety mounts. Massimo holds his breath. On the seabed he recalls the significant events of his life and looks to the future, the horizon is not far away. Perhaps it’s possible to enjoy the moment.  Massimo re-emerges from the bottom and takes a breath.

Screened at:
Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2016
Milano Film Festival, September 2016
Zuecca Spazio Project, Venice, September 2017
VAEFF Film Festival 2017, Tribeca Film Center, NYC, November 2017