Tony Tormenta


Genre thriller
Fanucci Publisher
March 2013
240 pages

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“A very good debut” (Il Sole 24 Ore)
“Absolutely enchanting” (Il Mattino)
“A surprising debut novel” (L’Espresso)
“An overwhelming raid in the American literature” (Rockerilla)
“Terrific” (DiPiΓΉ)
“A solo jazz” (Satisfiction)
“A visionary pen” (Albatros)

Tony Tormenta is sixteen years old. He has a mother that grew him all alone and a big passion for medicine books. Two only friends: his bicycle and a dog named Boa. Downtown, in Mammoth Rock, they think that strange things happen when Tony is around. Some say he’s a hodoo. According to others he is sort of a genius. The truth is that Tony has a secret. Behind his apparent detachment hides a terrific power. One day Tony does the once in a life encounter, that changes things forever. Marla is an albino girl, a bizzarre teenager. She recently moved to town and now lives in her grandma’ house. The two of them fall in love. Life will set them apart and let them meet again many years later, but things are different from what it seems, in a crescendo of events until the final twist.